100 year old man gets birthday wish. He goes back to work.

– Ever imagine what you might be doing on your 100th birthday? Well, one Cherry Hill man knew exactly what he wanted to be doing and today his wish came true.

The birthday boy arrived blowing kisses to past and present co-workers who filled the entry way at Hutchinson Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling in Cherry Hill.

Kicking off all the handshaking and the hugging he was about to do before he got to work on his 100th birthday. Yes, work. You see Bill Hansen just retired from his job here three years ago. They didn’t want him to go and Bill says he wasn’t ready.

This was Bill’s  third job in his lifetime after 32 years in sales and service at Exxon,  5 years with Diamond Fuels and then the five sons of lifelong friends asked Mr. Bill  if he would come take out permits and problem-solve for them.

He made lasting impressions on just about everybody.

“I was blessed with a great woman and great family life,” Bill said.