Family honors grandma’s memory by displaying all of her quilts at her funeral

You see, Hubl was a quilter. While some people make quilts as an afternoon pastime, she made them to communicate her love for her family.

Hubl’s quilts were draped over each pew at her church to honor her memory.

Hubl spent her life caring for her family. She had three children of her own, and then took in her sister-in-law’s twins after a tragic accident. Hubl and her husband, Henry, raised all five children in a small three-bedroom home on their farm.

Some members of Hubl’s family saw their quilt for the first time at her funeral.

“When we sat down to go through her things we found this — I call it a pocket notebook. Inside it says whose quilt she was working on, what day she put it in the quilt frame and which day she took it out,” explained Tollman.

Hubl wrote the day that she started each quilt, and the day she finished. The top says, “Put bow tie quilt in Feb. 13- ’99 finished Jan. 2000.” Image courtesy of Christina Tollman.

“I actually have three cousins that are not married, and the day of her funeral was the day that they got to see their quilts for the first time,” said Tollman. “That was really kind of a neat moment.”

“This is the love that Grandma made for each of us. This is what she made for each of us to wrap up in when we hurt,” said Tollman. “When we miss her.”